Washington Football Team DT Jonathan Allen throws punch at teammate Daron Payne in ‘brotherly disagreement’

 Washington Football Group protective tackles Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne needed to be separated on the sideline throughout Sunday night’s 56-14 blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys after Allen took a turn at his previous Alabama teammate in Arlington, Texas.

Washington Football Team DT Jonathan Allen throws punch at teammate Daron Payne in 'brotherly disagreement'

Both gamers were resting beside each other unemployed after an eight-play, 75-yard own by Dallas very early in the second quarter that led to the Cowboys’ 3rd touchdown straight.

“I do not think it takes a rocket researcher,” Allen said about why it began. “If you appearance at how that video game went, feelings are high, points are high, points occur.”

TV video cams revealed Payne and Allen speaking with each other. Payne was looking at Allen, that was looking straight in advance. After that Payne, currently standing, jabbed a finger right into the side of Allen’s going. 

Then, Allen stood up, swatted Payne’s hand away with his left hand and took a turn with his right — connecting slightly sideways of Payne’s face.

The gamers were after that separated by 3 colleagues, with line trainer Sam Mills Jr. entering the center. Payne stayed upset while sittinged unemployed, while Allen was sittinged nearby. Gamers maintained turning up to Payne, attempting to calm him down.

Both gamers got on the area together with each other on the ensuing collection and finished the video game.

“Simply a bit brotherly disagreement; perhaps the incorrect place, incorrect time, but it happened,” Payne said.

Payne decreased to say what triggered the disagreement and said it is all great in between them. When asked how 2 gamers that have been with each other for as long could wind up in a circumstance such as this, he said, “You obtained siblings? You all fight do not you? S— happens.”

Washington trainer Ron Rivera said he was outlined the event after the video game. He talked to both gamers about why it happened but said he would certainly not divulge their discussions. He also said there would certainly be no disciplinary activity.

“I talked with them, and as much as I’m worried, that is where it is mosting likely to stay,” Rivera said. “What my gamers say to me is nobody’s business.”

Rivera said a great deal of it stemmed from the aggravation of the three-game shedding touch, as well as several gamer injuries and COVID-19 problems. At one point, Washington had 23 gamers on the reserve/COVID-19 list. It has 14 gamers on injured reserve, consisting of 9 that were either beginners or key back-ups.

“Aggravation, wishing to win,” Rivera said, attempting to discuss the feelings for both gamers.

Washington has shed 3 straight to are up to 6-9, clinching its 5th successive shedding period. For Payne and Allen, that played with each other for 2 years at Alabama and currently 4 years with Washington, the key isn’t allowing this remain.

“When something happens on the area, you never ever let it carry right into the storage locker room,” Allen said. “Points obtain heated, we fix them, we take a seat as grown guys and we move on.

“I’ll take complete obligation for my activities therefore will Payne.”

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