Hack Any Kik Account

Hello Messengers, today we are going to discuss about the Kik Messenger social app. The messenger since its release has been very popular in the social messengers. More than 120 Million people use this regularly to message over their network. Considering the number of users worldwide of this social messenger we developed a Hack application which can spy over the accounts of users on Kik messenger. The hacking application is called kik spy.

How Kik Spy is working?

Like all digital applications kik also is made up of programming codes. While building up applications developers by mistake leave some loop holes which can be used to infiltrate the system. We found a loop hole where developers forgot to address a situation where kik accounts’ security can be made numb. When a kik account is sent a virus attached media file then the servers of kik block the file from reaching the server as per procedures. Then it scans the specific kik account where the virus infected media file was meant to be sent so no virus is present. Now here the loop hole comes to existent. While kik scans for the account it disables the security to make sure the system can scan all the files. Now this is the time when our application does all the system breaking and gets access to all messages, chat history, media files etc. This data is downloaded to our server and displayed to you in the application. All this process is complete without the knowledge of the Kik Servers and the owner of the account.

In short, Our app sends virus to the account. Kik starts anti-virus scan and disables the security. Our app breaks the account and get all data it can. Application displays all messages, photos, videos etc to you in the application.

How to use the Application?

The kik spy application is very easy to use. First, enter the username of the account you wish to spy and select the region you live in and then click on connect button. Then, all the messages with which the account is associated will be displayed in category to each contact. The media files will be also shown along with the text messages and status message will be shown too.

Download the Application